Sunday 20 January 2013

Preston University a degree mill/scam/fraud

Preston University a degree mill/scam/fraud“Preston university degree mill”, this is a phrase that is widely spread across cyber space. At first instant the very soul of the sentence Preston University a degree mill, gives a threatening sound and understanding that something fishy is going on in the institute. However, the frequency at which I got to see Preston University a degree mil compel me to investigate whether or not there is some malign agenda hidden behind the phrase.
Being in the IT industry helps me to understand the dirty marketing that can be done over cyber space. That is the reason why I decide to c heck out in depth myself about any possible truth in the phrase. However, I was shocked after visiting Preston University myself and reviewing the facilities offered and standard maintained by the administration of University. I found a complete different and prodigious environment in Preston University where the environment was at its zenith for students and studies. The courses offered by university were exceptional and the faculty members were some of the very best in their field. I also observed the teaching aids that were used by University and was shocked to look the latest teaching aids being used to interact with the students in an utterly interactive manner.
The massive number of students studying in different branches enables me to understand the hidden agenda behind the phrase of Preston University a degree mill over cyber space. With first hand witness of the university, I could now positively endorse that all those dirty phrases and negative publicity is a part of malign agenda to distort the repute of a prestigious institute that is providing prodigious education to the masses of our country.